TransportTM /UNIX
Fast, accurate COBOL migration from HP MPE/iX to UNIX

· Identical MPE/iX application functionality

· Complete translation with few manual changes

· Accurate VPlus screen emulation

· Fast, non-proprietary, and easy-to-use

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Transport Libraries

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Migrating MPE/iX COBOL II applications to UNIX or Linux can be very appealing. These may include the lack of new applications, fewer hardware platform choices, the cost of software licenses, the cost of maintenance, and the inability to obtain software features that are available on other operating systems. Some may find it difficult to enhance COBOL II applications to add new COBOL features. Application features in demand can be broad and diverse; the requirements such as graphical user interfaces (GUI), web enablement, n-tier client/server and access to the latest relational technologies may lead to change.

Migration alternatives have benefits and costs associated with each solution. Replacing legacy applications with "off-the-shelf" software can sacrifice years of customization. Even then, there is always the risk that a newly acquired product will not live up to its claims. A rewrite is typically very time-consuming and can tie up a programming staff or expensive consultants. In either case, the introduction of new and unfamiliar technology into production environments is inherently risky. Along with the risk comes the requirement to retrain end users and programmers. The result can be time consuming and costly.

Application rehosting moves all components of a business application (data, process and presentation) from MPE/iX to your desired UNIX target platform. This solution protects your intellectual assets and leverages your MPE/iX software investments while migrating your technology to a non-proprietary environment. TransportTM/UNIX, from Transformix, allows you to migrate your MPE/iX applications quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively.

Transport/UNIX, is an integrated set of utilities that facilitate the complete migration of MPE/iX COBOL applications to UNIX and Linux. Transport/UNIX gives the added flexibility of maintaining source files on the MPE/iX system and migrating each as needed, to the target system.

* Transferring source data,
* Translating MPE/iX COBOL source code,
* Call-compatible subroutines and routines to emulate the MPE/iX environment,
* Porting of non-COBOL applications,
* Interpreting and converting MPE/iX job control language, and
* Optimizing terminal operation and screen management.

Transport/UNIX is much more than a simple COBOL bulk conversion process. The tools support all of the COBOL syntax, procedures, and utilities that your applications will require to migrate and run in your new environment.

A Transport/UNIX migration, gives you:
* Accurate Translation. Migrated applications function identically to the original MPE/iX.
* Accurate MPE/iX Screen Emulation.
* I/O functionality - MPE compatible file and network I/O minimize required changes to source programs.
* Environmentally compatible --appropriate operation and migrated software functions as if it were written for the new environment.
* Complete Translation --The majority of migration activities is automatic and requires very few manual changes. If changes are required, they are made only once to the original MPE/iX source.
* Fast Turnaround --The speed and completeness of the Transport translator permit migration of major applications in relatively short periods of time.
* Independence -- FORM/UNIX does not use any vendor proprietary screens or forms management products, nor are converted programs locked into proprietary software packages.
* Easy-To-Use -- Transport/UNIX handles the COBOL and environment-specific issues with very few manual changes.

The Transport toolkit provides a comprehensive set of utilities for a complete, accurate migration. Transport/UNIX's utilities include:

Transport Translator Utility

Transport Translator Utility migrates MPE/iX source to the target source by analyzing and changing each statement to ensure proper syntax and semantics. It also converts MPE/iX screen definitions appropriate for use in the new environment.

Transport Library

Transport Library consists of routines that support the running of the converted code. It contains general support routines and routines to emulate the MPE/iX workstations.

Command Interpreter

The Command Interpreter allows you to run your MPE/iX job control and UDC's with little modification.


Transport analyzes and converts KSAM calls into C-ISAM on the UNIX platform. Source code remains the same.

UNIX Print Queue and Job

UNIX Print Queue and Job Queue, sophisticated print and job queue systems that were modeled after their HP VS counterparts. The Transport Toolkit is designed to integrate seamlessly with these utilities, matching or exceeding MPE/iX functionality.

Microfocus COBOL

COBOL applications compiled to execution on UNIX with little or no change.

The Transport product has been designed to migrate applications from the HP3OOO 9xx (Spectrum) series of machines to the HP9OOO, 8xx or IBM RS/6000 series of UNIX based computer systems. Transport converts and transfers COBOL source code, Copylibs, IMAGE schemas, IMAGE data, VPLUS Forms Files and most Flat Data Files. Various MPE intrinsics have been emulated, and an MPE Shell is provided to emulate the HP3OOO environment. Transport MPE to UNIX migration processes include:


Merant Microfocus COBOL COBOL compiler will compile programs without any syntax changes to existing HP COBOL II applications. HP 3000 $Define macros are not directly supported by Microfocus COBOL. Transport will analyze all COBOL code and Copy Libraries and make appropriate syntactical changes for the UNIX.


Transport analyzes and converts IMAGE data base(s) into a Relational Data Base. IMAGE data may also be copied and loaded. All Data Types currently available under COBOL are supported.


Transport "decompiles" VPLUS Forms File(s) and uses the screen images and field definitions to create a UNIX "driver" file. This "driver" file is then compiled into a "fast forms" file to provide maximum efficiency when running a migrated application under UNIX.


Transport analyzes and converts KSAM calls into C-ISAM or D-ISAM on the UNIX platform. Source code remains the same.


Transport supports most MPE, VPLUS, KSAM and IMAGE intrinsics. These have been emulated under UNIX to provide similar capabilities to those available under MPE.


Migrated to UNIX with little or no change.


A print spooler similar to the MPE spooler is provided by Transport. Commands such as SHOWOUT, OUTFENCE, ALTSPOOLFILE, AND DELETESPOOLFILE are supported.


Transport provides the ability to launch batch jobs in the background using the MPE STREAM command.

Merant Microfocus COBOL is used to compile existing COBOL source code for execution on the target platform. In most cases no changes are required to migrate an existing HP COBOL II application to the new operating environment.
In the cases where migration is necessary and a dual source code pool is required Transport is used either as a "conversion" or "pre- processor" tool. As a conversion tool, Transport facilitates a complete migration from the HP 3000 platform. Transport is used only once to create a fully translated COBOL source set.. After the initial migration, the Transport translator is no longer needed since all future development will be applied to the new source code. However, during the migration process, maintenance of both source sets is usually required.

As a pre-processor, Transport becomes an integral part of the development cycle. As product enhancements are introduced, changes made to the MPE/iX source are simply re-translated via Transport to produce the new source. This is particularly useful if the migrated application is to be used concurrently on different platforms (i.e., NT and UNIX). Software is prepared for Transport translation only once, after which it can then be seamlessly ported to any Transport-supported platform.
The original MPE/iX COBOL is maintained, and Transport's speed and accuracy make this methodology an excellent choice.

In a typical Transport/UNIX migration, programs are copied from the MPE/iX to the target platform. The Transport translator translates the programs, generates the target COBOL, and compiles the object code. Next, the runtime environment is set up by configuring files that describe the system and by selecting runtime options. Then, preliminary testing of the migrated software can begin. Data conversion programs are generated by Transport and data files are migrated. After final testing, the converted software is installed and the "cut-over" to the new system is orchestrated.

Transport/UNIX - The Total Solution Transport/UNIX provides the total solution for migrating your MPE/iX COBOL applications to the powerful, flexible open platforms of today. Transport/UNIX's speed and accuracy far outweigh the costly alternatives of rewriting code or purchasing off-the-shelf solutions.

Transformix's professional services group is also available to provide the expertise to assist and train your staff in the migration process. Leverage those valuable software investments now. Call your Transformix representative today at 760-439-3146, or you can e-mail us at

Distribution Media: CDROM.
Hardware Platforms: AIX 3.2.5, AIX 4.X, HP-UX 11.X, Solaris 2.x, SCO or Linux