HostExtend Print Redirector™ (XPR)

Re-Directing Host Print Spool Data To TCP/IP Networks.
Transformix XPR software is designed for customers who want a flexible way to extend the printing network printing capabilities beyond those available through the MPE native spooler.   The MPE Native Spooler network printing option was designed to work only with JetDirect compatible print spooler server attached printers.  It is further restricted to work only with PCL and PJL compatible printers.  With XPR printing network printing can be directed to any Windows PC on the network for subsequent printing on any type of printer that the PC is capable of reaching.  That printer can be directly attached or network attached to the PC.  This technique makes any printer available in the PC domain potentially available to any HP 3000 user.  Access is restricted through normal MPE and PC operating system methods.
HostExtend Print Redirector™ features the following functions:
  • Link MPE spooler network printer output to any printer on the network.
  • Converts HP carriage control to ANSI standard print codes.
  • For  PCL or PostScript printers, passes all data through in raw mode.
  • For non PCL printers, removes MPE native spooler PCL codes.

Transformix XPR requires no modifications to existing applications. Printers  look like an MPE defined logical device (LDEV) from the applications point of view.  In truth the MPE network printing configuration file, NPCONFIG.PUB.SYS, contains an entry that sends all print output to a Windows PC that is running an XPR server.  Once the print file is received by the XPR server it is redirected to one of the following:

  • Network connected printer
  • Directly connected printer via any supported interface
  • A file (advanced versions only)
  • Another program (advanced versions only)

Depending on the capabilities of the receiver of the print data, Transformix XPR can transform the received print data to one of the following print data streams:

  • PCL5
  • PostScript Level 2
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Excel data

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Product Demo 
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